5ft Productions

Melissa Strong founded 5ft Productions in the name of irony that she stands at 5ft tall. This comedic and drama actress is currently in production of several productions for 2018.

Released Projects

Same Time, Same Place

Is a short film about a father and daughter relationship that is strained by time, broken promises, miscommunications of feelings and expectations. The daughter must learn how to move on with her life with her father being present emotionally for her. The commonality of this story is that it relates to everyone. With someone has gone through something like this, is going through is or come out of it. It was written, produced and acted by Melissa Strong. It was directed by Mitchell Glass of Marz Marketing. It was produced in Toronto, Canada. The purpose of this film is to be exerted in International festivals.

Pretty for a dark skin girl

Written & Directed by Melissa Strong

This started as an assignment in Richard Lawson’s Personal Development class. My intention is to share my experience that “Pretty for a dark skin girl” is a back handed compliment. Does that mean dark skin girls are not usually pretty and I’m an exception to the rule. We have to stop doing this segregation to each other and unite as one. Being insenitivitve one should just get over it and work harder is dismissive. Ignoring that favor between us in many aspects doesn’t exist is silent racism .. Words hurt….I just ask that you walk in my shoes.I am not neglecting pain or disrespect light skin women endure…this is just my story with men and my career. I get that I have to work harder to prevail.

Facts don’t lie, according to studies 4 out of10 women in Malaysia use a whitening skin product. Three quarters Malaysian men find lighter skin women more attractive. By 2018 the skin whitening industry is expected to be worth $19 billion(world Wide) Colourism is a discrimination based on skin color. That is the dictonary definition For me, I have persoanl stories attached to my meaning ….I learned everyone has a story. I ask that you please share.

Upcoming Projects

1. Caribbean Canadians:

Historical Documentary uncovering the migration store of Caribbean people migrating to Canada vs the USA. Estimated completion date December 2018

2. Caribbean Americans:

3. In The Meantime: Scripted Reality Show uncovering all the issues, conflicts, and story of what an actor does in the meantime before they get their career breakthrough.

4. Rich Girl of Compton: Comedic sitcom series. This series is the fish out of water story. Where Melissa is pushed to move from her comfort in Beverly Hills to Compton. This is the reverse comedy of Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the urban version on 2 Broke Girls.

Previous Projects

Dear that Melissa

Episode 1

Episode 2

That Melissa Series


5ft Productions is owned by the walking brand Melissa Strong, otherwise known as That Melissa. Melissa stands at 5ft tall.

“That Melissa’s” constant battle for conflict is her single life, her Ex keeps trying to get back in her life, she lives above her means and drinks a slightly above the daily recommended glass of wine per day. Each episode inspires her to add to her new greeting card line entitled “Shameful Greetings” . The web series That Melissa is a pulled from the alter ego of Melisa herself. She is a lovable character that you soon give compassion to. She is going through a lot in her life and she tries to cope with life changes. She copes through comedy, high strung energy, dismissal, faith and defense.

There are 10 episodes

  1. Premier Episode: Pray For Me
  2. Invest my money
  3. Serial Dater
  4. I think Im pregnant
  5. Thanksgiving Diamond Dinner
  6. What do the lonely do at Christmas
  7. Bridesmaid, but never a bride
  8. You call this a Vacation
  9. I guess I need a job
  10. Its my birthday and Ill cry if I want to

As Executive Producer, Melissa Strong….my commitment is to give you my best. To work hard, honest and be true to the craft.


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