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Special Thanks

Such a talented writer and director. He pushed my acting range to another level. From spoiled rich girl to Caribbean rude girl in the hood.

Thank you for the opportunity and believing in me. You gave me love and true appreciation for theatre. Wishing you the best.

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Reality TV


Millionaire Matchmaker
Master date on Celebrity Season 8, Episode 10

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Performance Reviews

“Audiences cant take their eyes off of her every time she hits the stage. They wait and wonder as to what she will say next”
Don B Welch

“Melissa Strong was the stand out for me”

“Melissa Strong, the girl you love to hate as you are laughing at her shenanigans”
Rick Giantos

“Melissa Strong was brilliant as the publicist”
Marie Lemelle

“Great Work and the best of luck and blessings in your career”
Loretta Divine

Training & Coaching

Melissa Strong’s biography

One would assume that by her winning smile, that Melissa Strong could simply rest on the laurels which her good looks would afford her. However, the challenge of being born and raised in Toronto, Canada and the daughter of strict and successful Caribbean parents has reinforced in her the importance of commitment and perseverance together with generosity and gratitude. There are rewards to be gained by shooting high, even if sometimes you may miss and she is a living endorsement to the value of elegance and panache. Within minutes of meeting this petite beauty, one will realize that she is much more than a pretty face.

Her wide variety of talent ranges from Drama, Comedy, Stand up, Reality TV, Theatre, Hosting and Writing. Her level of comedic timing and presence when she hits the stage shows her innocent yet thin line between love and hate acting ability.

This former Pageant Queen, Marketing manager and Fashion stylist has made tremendous strides in hopes of achieving her dreams. Be it washing dishes in her high heels or crocheting pink scarves for the Breast Cancer Foundation, one thing to know about Melissa is that life is never routine nor predictable, she continues to keep herself busy by giving back, through donation of her time. All the while she keeps her eyes firmly planted on her career, education and makes no qualms about her lust for the spotlight. Listing Oprah and Dr. Wayne Dyer as a few of her biggest inspirations. “You shouldn’t live life with a catcher’s mitt, you need to throw something back” by Maya Angelou, is one of her favorite mottoes for social responsibility.

It is difficult to describe Melissa for she is, for lack of a better word, a living oxymoron. She is a Virgo, perfectionist almost to a fault, but also very accepting of the flaws of her peers. She is extremely open and honest yet you never truly get the feel you understand her completely. She is wickedly sarcastic, yet remarkably compassionate and an avid dog lover. Melissa is that rare individual who by nature is very peaceful but by no means passive. She may not welcome adversity be she never willingly allows herself to be anyone’s victim. “Don’t tempt me with a good time” she will often say when threatened or challenged.

Melissa knows where she’s been and knows where she wants to be, and approaches her craft with the same dedication as she does with her appearance… passionately.