Melissa now volunteers teaching classes at The Young Peoples Theatre. Her enthusiasm to be a mentor to youth who have a passion with the arts is imperative for her to give back to the arts.

Previous volunteer work have included Cedars Sinai Hospital, where she volunteers in the cancer department. Using her make up artistry education and work experience to volunteer with “Lipstick Angeles” where she e compassionately applies make up, and skin care for cancer patients. In addition to support Breast Cancer, Melissa is a strident and effective advocate crocheting pink scarves for the women with cancer who can no longer fight for much needed medical treatment and with financial assistance. The issue of breast cancer awareness in particular is an extremely important matter to Melissa and she annually speaks to various conferences throughout the United States on breast cancer prevention, awareness and research.

She has also served on the charity platform is the KISS Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to Raising Awareness of Sickle Cell Disease. Through programs and services, they strive to “improve the social health and quality of life for patients and families diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease.”

Lastly, Melissa has been an advocate for childhood autism in 2010 and has spoken on the behalf of the cause and has raised money for autism research by participating in collaboration with Tory Burch fashion shows for Autism.

Melissa lives by the mantra “to whom much is given much is expected” and her philanthropic activities continue to expand as a person of service. As Melissa continues to expand and strengthen her personal brand her commitment to serving society in any capacity will also sustain and provide assistance to others.


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is a non-profit, tertiary 958-bed hospital and multi-specialty academic health science center located in Los Angeles, California. I volunteer.

The foundation was founded in 2007 at the urging of many friends and SCD advocates that Ms. Shepard has met over the past 17 years of raising awareness of Sickle Cell Disease. It ws a pleasure for me to be apart of their rent to raise money through raffle tickets to help support the cure