Press Interviews

Melissa Industry Testimonials

“Executive Producer Suzanne dePasse and I, Scott Webster has the pleasure of working with this talented actress on HBO/ Cinemaz series “Zanes Sex Chronicles” Season 2.  She exceeded our expectations & delivered for us. She was very professional & prepared on set.  We look forward to working with her in our 3rd season.”

Scott Webster, Casting Director 

“Melissa Grimmond has a unique look, a sparkling smile, great range and the talent and professionalism that would make her an asset to any production.  I look forward to working with her in the future.” 

Jeff Franklin, Writer- Producer- Director 

“Melissa was an enjoyment to have in my hosting class.  Her determination was admirable as she took all the classes U teach. She was a quick learner and now would be a great host for any program or event.  It was a pleasure having coached her”

Pat Murphy Stark www>  

“Melissa is a person whom believes that you shouldn’t live life with a catchers mitt, you must throw something back, she volunteers with the NAACP youth program in addition being our red carpet host for the NAACP Theatre Awards.  She has great humor, and improv skills that has made her a joy and success to interview celebrities at our event. “

Tia Boyd, Executive Producer Beverly Hills NAACP